Ground Drilling Equipment

Multi Engineering can supply, manufacture and service specialist ground drilling equipment including:

Post-hole drilling equipment for excavators and cranes. Custom designed and built to suit your existing equipment and applications.

Self propelled, walk-behind post-hole borers.

Augers for soils, soft rocks and hard rocks. Stock augers, custom made augers, auger repair, modification and refurbishment.

Drilling buckets. Custom made or modified for the types of soil you are drilling. Our experience will help you get the best performance from your equipment.

Fixed and telescoping extensions for your ground drilling equipment.

Belling Tools. Used to increase the diameter and foot area of bored piles. A wide range of diameters can be custom built to suit specific applications.

Pre-purchase inspection of ground drilling equipment.

With our industry experience we can advise on options and solutions to your ground drilling problems.