Multi Engineering offers specialist services for the maintenance, repair and certification of all brands of truck mounted hydraulic cranes. If you are experiencing leaking hoses, seals, creep or behaviour faults with your crane, call us today. Fixing faults early will almost always save you money in the long term, plus give you peace of mind that your equipment is safe for your staff to use. We can help you with all areas, including:
  • Crane hydraulic power system diagnosis and overhaul
  • Crane hydraulic control system diagnosis and replacement
  • Hydraulic fluid and filter replacement
  • Electrical system diagnosis and fault finding
  • Solenoid and valve testing
  • Hydraulic hose inspection and replacement
  • Safety systems
  • Crane operation
  • Crane to sub frame connections
  • Sub frame to truck chassis connections
Crane Inspection and Certification All truck-mounted cranes require an annual safety inspection. Multi Engineering offers a certification-grade inspection and repair service carried out by trained and experienced personnel. We offer a full maintenance and repair service for all brands of knuckle boom cranes. Crane Inspection Service At Multi Engineering our crane inspection is a comprehensive, hands-on service and takes around six hours. This is far more extensive than the typical torch and hammer testing. Our inspection includes the following:
  • We thoroughly clean and inspect the crane structure, hydraulic systems and controls.
  • We check all bolts and fasteners are tight with a spanner or torque wrench for critical components.
  • We check the tightness and condition of the bolts connecting the sub-frame to the truck chassis, and also the main bolts connecting the crane to the sub-frame.
  • The truck chassis, sub frame and full crane structure are all checked for fatigue cracking, distortion and damage.
  • The condition of the paint is assessed, and areas of corrosion indicated on the test as a fail and repair, or noted for the next annual test..
  • We check all hoses and hydraulic fittings for leaks, cracking or damage.
  • The hydraulic oil tank is checked for damage or leaks and hydraulic fluid checked for condition, correct level and water content.
  • PTO and PTO pump are checked for leaks, excess noise or damage.
  • Hydraulic cylinders are checked for damage and leaks.
  • Stabilizer legs are checked for correct operation, damage, wear and that fasteners are all tight.
  • We check all crane stickers, decals, load charts, range diagrams for existence, legibility and condition.
  • All cranes have their crane hook or hook block tested or replaced with a tested hook from our tested hook pool.
  • The crane is worked throughout its operating range, and pins and bushes, pivot points and slides and guides are all checked for condition and wear.
  • We check the maximum lifting capacity of the crane as well as any safety systems to limit loads or to indicate overloads.
  • We conduct a full load test for creep or dropping.
  • If any areas are requiring repair or adjustment, we will quote for repair and arrange a new booking with you.
  • The reworked areas are retested and if OK, a test report or certificate is issued.
  • A full greasing and filter change is done and the crane is ready for work.
A copy of the check sheet, full details of any repairs and a hook test certificate are available.